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What our clients say

Henry has a direct approach in how he handles online marketing campaigns. He doesn't beat around and gets to the point letting you know exactly the issues that are keeping your business from performing at its peak potential online. If you are looking to radically transform your business through the internet, Henry is your guy.
Kimberly Lerch
Driving More Free Traffic To Small and Medium Sized Businesses Putting Them Atop Google
Henry is a very competent web designer I know as we have teamed up in the past for web development projects. His ability to understand both web development and SEO is a huge plus. He stands out as a digital marketing consultant and your project is in good hands working with him.
Steven Graham
Founder at Delivering LLC
I have been impressed by Henry's work ethic, he tackles projects head on. Always looking for the ways to deliver results for his clients. You are certainly in good hands if you're able to work with him. Would highly recommend him to any business.
Rami Malaka
Founder, Digital Marketing and SEO
Marketing and getting clients has changed a lot, old methods are out new strategies are in. Having someone like Henry on your side to help you navigate the techniques for marketing to customers online is instrumental in today's world. He speaks digital in a way that few people do and if you hope to conquer your competition you need the right people by your side.
Jabir Mohamed
I Help Attorneys & Their Law Firms Acquire
Consultants can say what they want but at the end of the day it all comes down to results. That's what matters and my associate Henry delivers exactly that. He's always pushing forward with various strategies and techniques to get his clients more visitors and greater visibility. He is an asset to any company looking to vastly improve their performance online.
Jochen Dullenkopf
Henry is dangerous! But in a good way! A digital marketer that not only understands marketing principles but has the technical savvy to implement his ideas. From web development to growth hacking and search engine optimization he has an impressive skillset. He's a funny individual as well, you'll enjoy working with him.
Luke Filloramo
I Help E-commerce Store Owners Explode Their Sales
Henry’s proposal and breakdown of our current internet footprint was very thorough and insightful. Definitely worth looking into his services and expertise!
Rick Garcia
Founding Partner at lowercase, a law firm
Henry is a master in doing website videos and I would highly recommend him in all phases of marketing, he really can help you get on top of Google.
Alex Rodriguez-Caceres
Water - Mold - Fire - Carpet Cleaning and Flooring
Henry is a complete online marketer, not only does he have a high-level marketing background he is also a web designer. Combining both into his SEO campaigns to deliver tangible results for his clients. You can't go wrong working with him and his team, knowledgeable and friendly.
Amy Cooper
Investor | Digital Marketer
Henry is a well versed digital marketing professional. He's on top of all the changes happening online and is quick to implement new digital strategies for his business clients. If you're looking to bring your business website more traffic and customers you found the right person to help you.
Anthony Donataccio
Self Leadership Coach
There are countless digital marketing consultants out there. What makes Henry standout is not only his SEO ability but the fact that he also has a web development background. Which gives him a strong perspective on digital marketing strategies and what it takes to get your business on the front page of Google.
Dr. Joanny Liu
Peak Performance Mentor to CEOs & High Achievers
Henry is a digital marketing professional with a background in web design which makes him instrumental in online marketing. Not only can he design your website but he can implement the digital strategy your business will need to be visible online.
Jo Ann McLellan
Local Marketing Plus
I enjoyed working with Henry he has both technical and creative ability in his approach to digital marketing. He has a strong grasp on local SEO and understands what it takes to rank a business online. If you want to win online, he's the one to make it happen.
Hanna Groves
Divergent Media
Henry takes the time to understand the clients business and what their objectives are. He creates a digital strategy specific to the client and the business in hand, you are in safe hands with him. You can expect great results working with him and his team.
Biljana Todic
Facebook Ads Expert
Deep knowledge and background in web design as well as a strong skillset in SEO marketing. That's what you get when you work with Henry and his team. I highly recommend work with him if you can.
Shanice Kong
Quest Internet Media
Excellent knowledge of Internet Marketing & Media and knows how to get the job done. He learns what the client needs and the delivers that. Highly recommend working with Henry.
Baxter Hopkins
SEO Consultant. Increase visibility in Google.
What makes Henry a strong online marketing consultant is his ability to uncover the root of a business website's weak points. Whether your website has a structural issue or the copy is not properly targeting where the traffic is. Henry can diagnose the root cause and devise a digital marketing plan to get your business visible and on track. If you have the chance to work with him, I’d recommend you do so
Julien Chiron
Digital Marketing Consultant
I am recommending Henry Cedeno for his Do-it-all attitude, his spectacular ability to multitask on various projects and being able to lead and supervise a group of interns to accomplish the departmental goals. He's able to stay within marketing budgets and keep proper records which allow me to maintain track of expenses. Because of his wide knowledge of the music industry his advice help the company use funds wisely & efficient for marketing/product placement strategies.
Omar Gomez
Realtor Sales Associate at London Foster Realty Miami
Henry has a well rounded skill-set of technical and business knowledge. His background in web development helps him fully understand the projects he takes on, and he also gets what it really takes to rank local businesses online, which in turn greatly improves their bottom line. Highly recommended.
Dave Sutherland
Internet and Technology Specialist
I've had the pleasure of knowing Henry for many years and even worked for him as an intern while I was in law school. Now I have the pleasure of working with him with Online Impact. His work ethic is unprecedented and provides invaluable services. There are a ton of SEO and online marketing agencies out there, but Henry is the best, trust me on that. He is worth every penny and you will see results. I wouldnt go to anyone else
Richard Corey
Law Offices of Richard Corey, PLLC
Henry is an extremely proficient Digital Marketer with a wide range of knowledge surrounding all areas, but specifically SEO. We have worked on projects in the past and we have had several discussions regarding Online Marketing. Henry has continued to teach me new things about the Digital space and I am very grateful to have known him for a long period of time. If you are looking for someone to take your business to the next level then I'd 100% give Henry a call.
Gary Wilson
Link Building Extraordinaire
Henry is a very talented professional. Had the pleasure of working with on a project where we needed to develop a plan to improve a client’s online strategy. I was impressed by his knowledge on digital marketing. His proficiency proved invaluable. Based on that experience, I recommended Henry’s services to another client who needed help implementing SEO strategies. The client was very satisfied with the results.
Juan Serino
Leading teams through operational and financial improvement
Henry has always been a marketing expert and has been heavily involved in our marketing strategy. When I came to him about revamping the company website and getting us more visitors, he said it wouldn't be a problem. I knew he was great at marketing but had no idea he had the technical ability to even build a website and do the SEO for it. I knew though if he says it's not a problem, believe him.
Raul Rodriguez
Owner & Operator of M3 Studios
The one thing that impresses me the most about Henry is his inquisitiveness and willingness to learn. He is not just a hard worker, he is a visionary not only for the projects he is involved in but for the company on a whole. Henry will roll his sleeves up and figure out a way to make the impossible, possible.
Charlene Thomas
Senior Director Marketing, Def Jam Recordings | PHDc | Seton Hall MBA
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